10 Vampire Really There

10 Vampire Really There: When it comes to blood-sucking creatures, can be immediately pictured a vampire or a vampire. Indeed in the real w...

10 Vampire Really There:
When it comes to blood-sucking creatures, can be immediately pictured a vampire or a vampire. Indeed in the real world, many creatures who must take blood to survive.

Do not worry, some of these creatures would not suck all your blood until they run out (unless attacked, anyway: P). While some others are dangerous and should be avoided.
Well, let us know what is being referred to.

A. Fleas
Although there are many insects that eat blood, lice are the largest group of more than 2000 species are known to feed on blood beradatasi mammals.

Have a slim but solid body like armor into the perfect weapon to burst among the thick fur, so made ​​it difficult to "host" to scratch or bite them out.

Ticks have never had a wing (which will slow their escape), but compensation, has legs outstanding, which allows them to jump over 200 times their body length.

They start life as larvae (eg maggots) that do not bite, but eat the dead skin secretions such as, hair, feathers or even waste their parents.

Some species are known as "sticktight" had a terrible meal method. They penetrate deep into the skin of mammals, swollen to the size of a pea, lay eggs and die, still embedded in the flesh. It is to be the cause of bacterial infections.

2. Chinch
Originally simply called insects of the order Hemiptera, which includes bugs, waterbugs, aphids, crickets, and many others. Most insects are harmless, but the wicked are "vermin" among some varieties of parasites.

In keeping with their name, these creatures hiding in various places (such as mattresses and pillows you) to suck the blood of its prey while sleeping.
They adapt quickly to pesticides so it is very difficult to eradicate. Rapid adaptation is due in part to their hard habit to reproduce; to mate, a man should beat a bigger, then mate with females by stabbing through exoskeletonnya (bladed genitals) and females must be strong enough to survive the wounds to lay eggs. This means that only a couple of tough bugs that will give birth to babies of new fleas.

In some exotic species, female bedbugs even has its own bladed phallus, making their marriage like a fencing match full of violence.

3. Leech
Related to earthworms and other annelids, leeches can be found all over the world both on land and in water. Most species are carnivorous, eating small invertebrates or even fish and frog eggs.
Haematophagous leeches are armed with a circle such as dental and anesthetic, anticoagulant compounds in their saliva, allowing them to make a small incision without the pain that ejects the blood of their prey for hours.

In the old days, the leech is believed to cure almost any disease by removing excess blood "bad". B ahkan now there are many alternative treatments used in this way.

It turned out that the leech is more complex than we think. Leeches have a heart, too much brain and the eyes of some species have a small group.
4. Vampire Moth
Most moths and butterflies feed on nectar or never eat at all, their survival is enough to mate.
Moths use to drill a sharp proboscis through the skin into the bloodstream of mammals. As blood flows through the host's mouth, it causes little creature is to hook into the meat until the meal is finished.
Converse with mosquitoes, only the male moths into a vampire - he uses alternative energy sources is fine, because female moths spend most of their time to rest and wait while the man is left for further adventure and looking for other couples.

5. Vampire Bats
Animals of this one seemed the most famous of all living blood drinkers.
There are only three types of vampire bats or Desmodontidae, all Native Americans. They are satu2nya bats can walk and even longer dwell in the land, it allows them to sleep close to the larger animals and crawling on them.

How to eat: like a razor sharp teeth to make a small incision in the flesh its prey with less pain, and saliva contain mengalirlancar antikogulan make ready to drink the blood of victims.

While almost all communal bats, vampire bats are bats that are known to care for their children, even vampire bats adopt another child orphaned and regard it as their own child.

6. Lamprey
Agnatha or "jawless fish" was once a planet vertebrates, appeared millions of years ago in the ancient world dominated by mollusks and arthropods bertentakel spiked.

At present, a living example of his ancestors were "slime hags" scavenging and faced bloodsuckers "lamprey."

Lamprey like to attach to other fish and infiltrate through the flesh until they reach the blood or other body fluids, and possibly kill the prey is not strong enough to withstand a lot of fluid or blood loss

Although they appear primitive and savage, lampreys also devoted mother who migrated away to lay eggs and carefully make a pile of rocks to be a protective nest their eggs.

7. Candiru
Creatures of the Amazon is famous for the rare habit of swimming into the uterus and drainage of large mammals (like humans) are stupid enough to urinate in the river.

Their small body, specifically tailored to the gills detect victim's body parts that are rich in blood, and that's when they use a small jaw to bite

8. Snails Torpedo
Maybe this is a creature who does not like vampires, Cancellaria cooperi.

Snail slow but persistent, can smell the slime layer of a few feet away, and using long, thin tube to drain blood without causing the fish to feel pain or discomfort.

9. Sparrow Vampires
No other animals that may be so bizarre as Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis, the only bird known to regularly consume dietary supplements with fresh blood.

Pipit is learning to take blood from the wound for a small additional food animals may be adapted well. Because when the food on this island is much reduced, so that they slowly moved into the blood-eating animals.

10. Fly
Diptera are flies that live by sucking blood. There's also called "horse flies" - a little more rough shape, using a mouth like a double-edged razor blade to slice open the flesh and drink the blood that oozes out.
More unusual is Hippoboscidae or "louseflies," some of which live in large prey till they mature and did not even have wings!

There is even a bloodsucking fly larvae, such as the "maggots floor of the Congo" drink the blood of victims who were sleeping with their mouths like a leech.




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