7 Most Expensive Stamps

7 Most Expensive Stamps: The stamp is the seventh most hunted many rare and collectors stamps because of the exorbitant price. You must be s...

7 Most Expensive Stamps: The stamp is the seventh most hunted many rare and collectors stamps because of the exorbitant price. You must be stunned at the price. Stamps are worth billions of dollars.

A. The Three-Skilling Yellow

The Three-Skilling Yellow is misprinted stamps published by the Swedish government is the first printing in 1855.

Three-Skilling Yellow is one of the rarest stamps and the only one left. In 1984 these stamps sold for 977 500 Swiss Francs by David Feldman.

In 1990 sales reached one million dollars USD, then in 1996 sold for $ 2.3 million or around Rp 21.85 billion. And every time the print is always sold as a record of the highest in the world's most expensive stamp.

2. The First Two Mauritius

The First two Stamps Mauritius (1847) are the first two series of stamps issued by the British colonial government. Only the remaining one first stamps unused condition (unused) and also three postage both unused condition.

In 1993 David Feldman auctioning stamps belong to Hiroyuki Kanai Mauritius produces the highest record. The first orange-colored stamps sold for $ 1,072,260, or approximately USD 10 billion more and the second at $ 1,148,850 is also about more than Rp 10 billion.

3. The Inverted Jenny

The Inverted Jenny is a pictorial stamps America in 1918 Curtiss JN-4 plane and inadvertently printed upside-down: this is probably the most famous misprint in the world of American philately. Only 100 misprinted stamps left, making it one of the most valuable stamp misprint.

A full block inverted Jenny stamps sold at auction Robert A. Siegel in October 2005 for U.S. $ 2.7 million. And in November 2007 an inverted Jenny stamps sold for U.S. $ 977.500 (USD 9 billion).

December 2007 a mint stamps (unused / unused) with very good condition sold to a Wall Street executive for $ 825,000, or approximately USD 7.8 billion.

4. British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta

British Guiana One Cent Black on Magenta (1856) are among the rarest and most expensive stamps. The stamp was printed on poor quality paper with black ink magenta colored, due to emergency conditions.

Known, there is only one piece left in the whole world. The stamp is so unique and no others have ever been found. In 1980 it was auctioned to John Dupont for $ 935,000, or approximately USD 8.8 billion.

5. The U.S. Franklin Z-Grill

The U.S. Franklin Z-Grill, 1867. This is the rarest of all postage stamps the United States, only found 2 pieces remaining. In 1988, a stamp "Z-Grill" 1 cent in 1868 sold for $ 930,000, or approximately USD 8.8 billion.

6. Hawaiian Missionaries

Hawaiian Missionaries, 1851 is the first Hawaiian stamps. Since the "Hawaiian Missionaries" paper printed with a thin rough and low quality, just a few stamps have been recovered and is a very rare stamp.

Nominal low of 2 cents in 1851 is the rarest of the whole series, and only the remaining 16 pieces.

A 2 cent Missionary stamp in mint condition (unused) for $ 760,000 and $ 225,000 for the conditions used.

7. The Penny Black

The Penny Black, was the first official adhesive postage stamp in the world, the UK Government published on May 1, 1840 and put into use on 6 May. The Penny Black postage stamp is actually not that rare, but include most expensive stamps. Total of 286 700 printed sheets of stamps printed with 68.808 million.

A Penny Black stamps unused (not worn) according to the 2001 Scott catalog for $ 3,000 or approximately Rp. 28.5 million and used (already used) for $ 180 or about USD 1.7 million selembarnya.

Are you going to try to hunt a collection of stamps that cost a fortune?