8 Facts about Salt is worth to Know

Salt became an important part in human life. Hence this time we will look at some facts about salt.

A. Until the 20th century, salt was used in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) as a means of payment or currency.

2. In medieval times, salt is very expensive, so-called "white gold". In Germany there is still a sidewalk that is used as the transport of salt between the Baltic Coast to the inland city in Luneberg.

Photo: Museum of salt in the Luneberg

3. Once the high price of salt, in the early 1800s the price is 4 times more expensive than beef.

4. There are black salt. Production in India, how to mix the salt with a grain of Harad. When the mixture is evaporated to leave clumps of black salt.

Photo: black salt

5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, is the world's largest salt desert area of ​​4000 square miles. If there is a thin layer of water on it, then the salt desert looks like a mirror that is very large. Padang is also supplying lithium salt, half of the world.

Photo: Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

6. Did you know that salt is essential for the body. If the supply is too little salt in the body, can cause fatal Hyponatremia.

7. However, consumption of too much salt can be deadly. The comparison is as follows: 1 gram of salt per kilogram of body weight. Example, if you weight 70 kg, then ate 70 grams of salt will kill you. Surprisingly, the nobility in China could use salt as part of ritual suicide.

8. There is a very common misconception about the Roman soldiers who paid with salt. Actually, they paid with normal money. Salaries (salary) refers to the latin word: salarium. The results of this salary that is used by soldiers to buy salt.

source: http://listverse.com

8 Facts about Salt is worth to Know