Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is

Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is: Sometimes annoying car alarm sounds. When there is lightning, or even when another car crossed the alarm is usually loud, but no thief who was tinkering with your car.

Honda also replace conventional alarm Terii. Honda claims a burglar Terii the most sophisticated ever built.

Unlike a regular car alarm which only sounded the horn and turn on the headlights, Terii using biometric technology systems.

So the user's fingerprint has been recorded in a car that could open the car door. But if the thief fingerprints are trying to open the door, the car will not make it easier.

"The car alarm is now less effective in preventing car theft," said project leader Terii Sidney Finch in American Honda's official website on Tuesday (03/04/2012).

"Technological advances in recent years has focused so that users can get the car back a stolen car. Our goal is to prevent theft. And we get it all in the Terii," he added.

Even the Terii who has a woman's voice will seek to negotiate with car thieves to target something else.

Or threatened theft by taking information from its own mobile phone so the thief can Terii know where the thief lived or acquaintance who the thief.

Burglar sensors placed in several parts of the car with the sound Terii out of the speakers at the wheel of a car.

Too sophisticated or reaching? To be sure this smart technology is still in the process of testing by Honda and is expected to be installed in Honda cars in 2013.


Alarm Mobil Jago treatment is