Amazingly what Ipad3?

Amazingly what Ipad3?:
Tech geeks and gadget-freak with the launch iPad3 had fever (16 March 2012) - Oh, the latest version is named "The iPad", so it does not follow the previous series, iPad2.

What is the advantage compared to its predecessor The iPad?

Sharper screen
A sharper picture quality of HDTV with the retina display 2048 x 1536 pixels - the equivalent of 3.1 million pixels, and a 5MP camera with auto-exposure and auto-focus. See the comparison:

iPad 2 vs. The iPad

The sharpness of the screen iPad also tested by Luke Matis, a student of Computer Science at ETH, Zurich in a way under the microscope. The result could see the following (The iPad is a great proof).


The iPad A5X processor while still A5 iPad2
A faster processor with A5X that utilizes quad core graphics. Of course, this new processor supports the sharpness of the images produced.


The iPad is thicker than its predecessor. When the 8.8 mm thick iPad2 The iPad is 9.4 m


The new iPad also offers connectivity features of LTE for 4G cellular networks.

64 GB Wi-Fi 3G = U.S. $ 829. Remarkably, with the LTE technology open web pages much faster. And, no need to wait when opening a video file from the internet due to the Verizon apps, using the tethering process.

Tethering can convert your internet connection into a Wi-Fi hot spot. That is, a laptop or other gadgets that are nearby can enjoy the same connection speed (reported by AT & T).

Note: iPad2 also be a Wi-Fi hot spot anyway, and even Blackberry. The difference is, the iPad faster connections.
About the price, Apple also provides a competitive rate. The price difference was iPad 3 is not too large compared to its predecessor. 16 GB Wi-Fi = U.S. $ 499 and is the best U.S. $ 830 (64 GB plus connections via sim card).

What about Indonesia? Expected to launch next April according to testimony Hurricane Way, Apple Premium resseler SPV. About the price, see the next development.


Amazingly what Ipad3?