Apparently Orange Skin Many Benefits

Apparently Orange Skin Many Benefits:
That oranges contain lots of vitamin C, everyone knows. Eat oranges and discard the skin, it seems everyone else did.

Do you know, it turns orange peel can overcome various problems in the body, such as:

Temperature problems

Overcoming the cold.
Boil some orange peel and fresh ginger in water for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, add the brown sugar, and drink like tea.

Preventing frostbite
Burn some orange peel and grind to powder, mix with vegetable oil and rub into the area is swollen because of cold weather.

Mouth Problems

Eliminate bad breath.

Chewing a small piece of fresh orange peel can eliminate bad breath. Currently in some stores already sold snacks made from orange peel.


Treating pain molars.
Put a small piece of fresh orange peel in your mouth for 10 minutes before bedtime.

Care and treatment for sensitive teeth.
Put the skin into the cup and add boiling water, cover glass for 5 to 10 minutes and then drink.

Respiratory problems

Treat coughs.
Put the 5 grams of dried orange peel into 2 cups water and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes then add some ginger and brown sugar. Drink it while warm.

Treating chronic bronchitis.
Put 5 to 15 grams of orange peel into a glass, add boiling water to make a glass of "orange peel tea." Drink as often as possible.

Prevent shortness of breath.
Add the boiling water into a glass of fresh orange peel, cover for 10 minutes and add the sugar before you drink it. This method can stop the feeling of tightness in the chest and sore throat.

Removes phlegm in the lungs.
Soak a piece of orange peel in a white wine for about 20 days and drink, the longer the soak, the better the results.

Digestive Problems

Treating constipation
Boil 12 grams of fresh orange peel, or 6 grams of dried orange peel with water for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink 2 times a day to prevent constipation (a bowel obstruction).

Treat nausea and bloating
Soak 50 grams of orange peel with white wine (white wine) for about 20 days. This method is very good for digestion, and relieve a headache and want to vomit.

Restoring a lack of appetite.

This one is worth a try. Take a fresh orange peel and jemurlah until dry. Combine the orange skin with green tea. Ingredient "orange peel tea" is useful to restore your lost appetite.

Beauty Problems

Orange peel can absorb excess oil from the skin thus reducing facial glow due to the excess oil. Moreover, it turns orange peel can also remove dead skin cells and dry from the surface of the face so as to make the face clean and bright.

The trick with orange peel mask memnggunakan that can be made. Peel the orange skin, allow it to dry and harden. Once hardened, blender until crushed orange peel and mix with milk to taste (ratio 50:50) until the pasta.

Clean your face with water, pat dry, then apply a mask before the whole face of the orange peel and let stand for 30 minutes until dry. Rinse your face with water, but be sure not to rub the face too hard because it can damage the skin.

Other benefits ...

Treat mastitis.
Mastitis is a sense of swelling in the breast when the milk production of excess. The pain can be treated by boiling 30 grams of fresh orange peel and 6 grams of licorice (liquorice) with water. Drink twice a day.

Treat allergies.
Orange peel can also be used to relieve allergy symptoms after eating fish and crabs. Boil a few slices of fresh orange peel with water and drink.

Treat a hangover.
Hangover headaches are feeling at the time of waking up after drinking too much. Mengatasianya by boiling 30 grams of fresh orange peel with water for 15 to 20 minutes, add a pinch of salt and drink.

Prevent motion sickness.
One hour before the car ride, take a fresh piece of orange peel continues to hold the nose and breathe in the scent of orange peel. During the trip, keep sipping orange peel to prevent motion sickness.


Apparently Orange Skin Many Benefits
  1. Orange fruit is provide lot of benefits for health. Orange is best for reduce illness. Orange is good for skin care.

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