Cloud in the room?

How does it feel to be very close - even touched the clouds? No need to go skydiving or climbed to the top of a high mountain so he could see the clouds from very close range.

A Dutch artist, Berndnaut Smildeas, managed to create a work of art: creating a cloud. You do this by using a smoke machine, combined with moisture at room temperature and dramatic lighting then be "Nimbus II 2012", a cloud in the room.

Smilde, who lives in Amsterdam, said he wanted to make the image of rain clouds in a room. "I imagine walking into a museum hall classic with just a blank wall," he said. "There is nothing else but the rain clouds hanging in the room."

Unfortunately, cloud creation Smildeas can not last long, only a few moments and then disappear as the characteristics of the original cloud. At least, quite interesting to be in a room full of clouds, right?


Cloud in the room?