Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?

Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?:
Hours is shown at 00.00 but the eye still difficult to screwed. Situations like this are fairly common, especially in young adults. So the question arises, if I have insomnia?

The answer is no. According to medical practitioners of sleep Mitra Kemayoran Hospital, dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT, many people have misinterpreted it difficult to sleep at night for insomnia. In fact, this is a normal condition and is consistent with one's biological clock.

"Only one in the morning to sleep in young adults (under 30 years), it's normal," said the doctor.

According to Andreas, every person has a biological clock that is different. The older age seseeorang, the need for sleep tends to decrease. In children, sleep needs can be up to 12 hours, the young adults of about 8.5 to 9 hours. whereas older adults a maximum of only 8 hours.

"For people over 30 years, at 10 pm are usually sleepy, so their biological clock," he said.

But for those aged in the early 20's, generally it will be difficult to get to sleep at 10 pm. Because in the late teens to young adults, have a biological clock that is very typical.

Adolescents and young adults when at 10 pm, the brain actually more fresh-fresh and full of creativity. This is exactly the right time for them bekarya and learning.

"Because normally, they just sleepy after midnight," he explained.

Only unfortunately, at this age they should follow the schedule of mostly adults, in which the activity must have started at 8 am, while if the school had to go at half 7 in the morning. So, do not be surprised if this age group is a group that is less time to sleep.

Dangerous to Sleep Through the Midnight?