Dent Iwak song Plagiarism?

Dent Iwak song Plagiarism?:
Phenomenon and the trend a song called 'Iwak dent' is controversial.

For those who frequently watch Opera Van Java certainly familiar with the 'Iwak dent'. Thanks to Sule, who was already popular songs by Trio Macan became more widely known.

After perseturan with Arek original band that holds the rights to the song finished, now 'Iwak Peye' suffered a new problem. The news is being circulated, the song was plagiarized two songs at once.

What song?

A. Like a punk song

On the site the video uploader, youtube, the song's punk group Cock Sparrer being crowded by the comments of those who debated the similarities Indonesia song 'Take' Em All 'is a punk group's song' Iwak dent 'version of Trio Macan.

The number of visitors skyrocketed video directly to the viewer 612.845. The video contains most of the comments suggestive innuendo and accusations of plagiarism. The second song has a similar notation in the chorus.

Lyrics Take 'em All:
Take 'Em All: Take' em all, take 'em all / Put' em up against a wall and shoot 'em / Short and tall, watch' em fall / Come on boys take 'em all.
Dent Iwak lyrics
Iwak dent: 'Iwak dent, dent Iwak / Iwak dent sego Jagong / Sampek electrocardiogram, Sampek tuwek / Sampek matek, Permanent supported.

2. Olympiakos similar songs
Reporting from, just call the song 'Iwak dent' like the song's fans Olympiakos supporters.

Lyrics of course different, but again the two bar song 'Iwak dent' is similar to the mars Olympiakos.
What is the response of the creator Iwak dent about this song?

Songwriter 'Iwak dent' Abah Imron (47) as confirmed claimed never heard mars Olympiakos. The man said two children have never known football song than the song 'Ole, Ole "are rampant in Europe at that time.

In addition, Abah Imron claimed not inspired any songs. Moreover, Olympiakos songs that have been shared through the website YouTube since August 2006.

"I do not speak English, I also can not surf," said Abah Imron when met at his house in Bagong mining region, Surabaya, Monday (04/09/2012).

For Abah Imron, the similarity between the tone of the song 'Iwak dent' with Olympiakos probably because the element of chance alone. He submitted to the public to judge.

"I created the song 'Iwak dent' is not intentionally, no willingness to commercialize. Eyel-eyelan Instead, it's up to people who judge," joked Abah Imron.

The man who daily work as a scrap metal worker this could not conceal a smile when amused ditontonkan Greek Olympiakos video song on YouTube. "Yes, yes, his tone is similar. I know, I am a lha wong ndeso, can not surf," he concluded.

Here's the video

The song 'Take' em All '

Olympiakos marching songs


Dent Iwak song Plagiarism?
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