Erep-Erep Because crushed Satan?

Erep-Erep Because crushed Satan?:
How do you sleep last night, nyenyakatau weird dream? Do not ever dream of horror and tried to get up but not bisabergerak or shouting?

Maybe our parents called it 'erep-erep', ie the current state of our spirits to rest on a sleeping body. Apakahbenar so? What actually causes erep-erep?

Based on the medical glasses, a state is called sleep paralysis or sleep paralysis. Fenomenaini can happen to anyone. At least people will experience sekaliatau twice in his life. But not to worry, sleep paralysis is usually tidakberbahaya.

When a person is asleep, the brain activity through two different things, yangdisebut active sleep or REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep.

Non-REM during sleep will result in ter move during sleep, such as talking in your sleep or run when tidur.Sedangkan REM would affect heart rate, respiration rate and tekanandarah when sleeping.

Psychologically, sleep paralysis associated with REM sleep stage, where after experiencing REM sleep, however mataterbuka paralysis persisted.

Usually this results in hallucinations. Sleep paralysis occurs in about 2-3 minutes. Once the brain and tubuhberhubungan back, the patient can move his body back. However, the memory of a terrible sensation or nightmares can usually bertahanlama.

Physiologically, the cause of sleep paralysis is not known secarapasti. So far, the psychological penyebabterjadinya provide an overview of sleep paralysis as indeterminate sleep patterns, stress, and sudden changes in environment or lifestyle, and sleeping habits facing up.

Hey, facing up sleeping habits? Well, now we know why one of the usefulness of the Prophet Muhammad SAW practice danmenganjurkan sleep sideways-facing to the right, is not it?

Erep-Erep Because crushed Satan?