Evil Spirit Shoes repeller

Evil Spirit Shoes repeller:
It turned out that the Australians had a strange confidence to resist evil spirits. Yes, they use the shoe for that purpose. But, how?

Population of Australia in the past rather hide boots in various corners of the house are hidden, such as attics and other places. This habit was discovered by Australian historian, Dr. Ian Evans, who did research for six years.

In a remote rural Tasmania, Evans met Alan Cooper, the owner of the old house, which found dozens of old shoes and other objects in the attic of the house.

The Doctor is not only found a dozen pairs of shoes, but also the bones of a cat, dolls, some clothes, and others. Though apparently the most widely found shoes.

As quoted by the BBC, Doctor Evans said, "It's all part of this ancient practice to ward off evil spirits or witches. By placing the objects in certain parts of the building, is expected to ward off the dangers that may lurk."

One-on-one findings of the most spectacular and unexpected was the discovery of children's shoes in a hidden place in building the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia.

In some bridge pillar, not far from the Opera House, the workers who were digging a tunnel, finding an old shoe-old child.

From the physical analysis of these shoes, the shoes were probably used around 1920, when the bridge was being built.

How can there be in that place? "It was hidden by the construction laborers or masons to protect them from evil forces," according to Dr. Evans hypotheses.

Of the various findings of the objects, simplifying its findings to formulate Evans on four things:

• United Kingdom: the practice of hiding things in the building to ward off evil spirits is widespread in Britain since the 17th century, and immigrants in Australia to continue the habit.

• The fear: the immigrants are afraid of losing their children hurt, which is believed to be related to the existence of evil spirits. Confronted by the limitations of the health infrastructure, the immigrants eventually 'fled' to the practice of superstition.

• The young: most of the objects found were children's shoes, or clothing. The reason: the power of youth and innocence will be strong enough to defeat the evil spirits.

• Ignorance: the immigrants believe in God and go to church, but most are poorly educated and more interested in superstition.

Believe in God but still interested in superstition? Oh, so remember the phenomenon of people came in large bondongnya Ponari the "healing stones" that had a scene in this country several years ago.


Evil Spirit Shoes repeller