Find Alcohol fly if Rejected Couples

Find Alcohol fly if Rejected Couples: Ever feel rejected heartbreak of loved ones and eventually vent frustration with getting drunk with alcohol? Not only humans, fruit flies too if denied the couple looking for alcohol.

A recent study published in the journal Science that the male fruit flies that were rejected by the female will mengonsumis foods containing more alcohol.
Fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster)

Thus the conclusion of the research results Shohat Galit Ophir and colleagues from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia, USA conducted a study in the laboratory of Ulrike Heberlein, University of California at San Diego.

In that study, male fruit flies Ophir grouped into two groups. The first group was placed in a box full of virgin female flies are ready to marry. Meanwhile, a second group of flies was placed in the box with the flies that have been married so tend to say no to marriage.

Researchers found that a group of bulls that denied consuming food that contains 15 percent alcohol, while another group to avoid. According to Ophir, fruit flies choosing the alcohol to give him credit for even rejected.

The behavior is controlled by the compound in the brain called neuropeptide F (NPF). Based on the study, male fruit flies that fail to mate has a lower level of NPF.

"This all makes us think that the brains of fruit flies, and also possibly other animals and humans, has a reward system for internal control, that if the internal rewards down it will be followed by behavior that would bring him back again," Ophir says as quoted by the BBC on Thursday (15/03/2012).

NPF-like compounds was also found in humans, called neuropeptide Y. However, the effects of the substance on human behavior can not be explained clearly.


Find Alcohol fly if Rejected Couples