How to Avoid Pirates e-mail

How to Avoid Pirates e-mail:
Never suspected there that hijacks your e-mail? Suddenly there was a letter sent even if you do not feel ever made?

To avoid this, Google released a new tool that lets us know the activities of daily living using Google services. Tool called Account Activity can also detect suspicious activity.

As quoted from the official Google blog, the user can receive a report on its activities per month using Google services via email.

In a report every month, Account Activity will provide information such as how many emails were sent and received per month, web history, to anywhere they surf the web, the browser used and the information in the accounts relating to the user's email address.
Google mentioned, this tool will provide a wealth of information about the use of a Google service accounts. Furthermore, users can also find out if there are others who are attempting to access their accounts.

"For example, if you find a notification sign-in of the country is not where you live, or other device, you can be alert and immediately change the password," wrote Andrew Turek as the Product Manager of Google.

Those who wish to use this service can visit the link to the Account Activity report and sign up for their online activities.


A. Click the upper right corner and look for the "Account"
2. When entered into the Accounts window, click the "Products" (under Google +).
3. Then find the "Account Activity" by clicking on "Go to Account Activity".
4. Click the "Optin" or "OK" sign we activate this service.

Then we will see activity reports gmail so that it can be controlled if there is suspicious activity.


How to Avoid Pirates e-mail