Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes

Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes:
Aceh back of the magnitude 8.5 earthquake rocked the Richter Scale (SR) on 11 April 2012. Not once only "gallery mecca 'experience of this disaster, we are even still remember the tsunami tragedy of 2004.

Did you know that the Sumatra earthquake made the position changed?

Maybe you wanted to know why earthquakes frequently shake the Aceh region of Sumatra or the other. The cause is: because there is a "Sumatran Fault".

Fault or Fault is a term in the science of geology which in English is called Fault.
The presence of fracture is not always a negative connotation as the cause of the earthquake, because it was useful in the earth fault in the process of formation of hydrocarbon traps either deposits or oil and gas industry.

Similarly, the fault structure is very important as a way of passage of the magma when the magma is rich in valuable minerals it will form a mineralized precious metal minerals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, etc..

Fracture occurs due to a shift in the earth layers of the normal operating condition. That is, the movement of the Earth's crust. There is a movement to stop at all is called the Fault is not active, but there is movement continues, the fault type is called an active fault.

Sumatra Fault is an active fault that has moved thousands of years ago which is when the formation of islands of Indonesia as a result of the collision of three plates of the world's approximately 45.6 million years ago, the Indian Ocean-Australian plate is moving relative to the north-moving Eurasian Plate keselatan and the Pacific Plate is moving west.

Pressure Plate, Australia Indian Ocean island of Sumatra that caused such a position today and had shifted so that an angle of rotation with the Equator. Yet according to the geologist, first position the island of Sumatra with the island of Java that is parallel to the Equator line.

However, the current longitudinal position from the northwest to the southeast and across the equator, as the island dividing the two parts of Sumatra, Sumatra Sumatra northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. The existence of plate collision also caused the emergence of the hills that became known as the Bukit Barisan position parallel to the fault.

Therefore there is a valley along the Bukit Barisan which is straight and elongated, these valleys are the Great Sumatran Fault zone is weak, where the Earth's crust cracks, and one side with the other side moves horizontally.

Patterns of movement in general to the right, the block moves to the south east and west blocks otherwise. The weak zone from the south includes the valley Semangko (Semangko in Lampung Bay), Kepahiang, Ketahun, Kerinci, Muara Labuh, Singkarak Maninjau, Rokan Left, Girls, Angkola, Alas, Tangse, and the valley of Aceh. Weak zone has the potential to trigger earthquakes on land.

Fault Semangko

Sumatra Fault widely known since the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in Sumatra mainland. Sumatra fault had resulted in a large earthquake on the island of Sumatra as of 1932 Liwa earthquake, 1994, 1909 Kerinci earthquake, which left 1995 men and material losses are considerable.

Keep in mind, Sumatran Fault has several segments in Aceh has been detected through geologic map information that has been mapped by Cameron et al (the map is published by the Center for Research and Development Geologi/P3G - Department of Mines and Energy). Evidence of faulting is further strengthened by the appearance of the interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite imagery (remote sensing).

For the Aceh region Semangko Fault is divided into several segments of the Fault-Kutacane Lokop, Blangkeujeren-Mamas Fault, Fault Kla-Alas, Fault-Blangkeujeren Reunget, Anu-Batee Fault, Fault-Sipopoh Samalanga, Banda Aceh-Anu Fault, Fault-Lamteuba Baro.

The fracture energy saving is great and if one day the energy is released it will cause an earthquake. If the release of energy is suddenly at the same time this is very dangerous because it will lead to a devastating earthquake, but if the energy is released gradually little by little the quake caused no less dangerous, and sometimes not felt by humans but only recorded by seismographs tool.

Many faults in Indonesia

For Indonesia itself a potential ground fault earthquake ground among other Sumatra Fault / Fault Semangko, Palu-Koro Fault in Sulawesi, Cimandiri Fault, Fault Lembang in Java, Sorong Fault in Papua.

It is inevitable that Indonesia generally have the threat of earthquake, then the policy should be based development made disaster, no longer as it is today just a sloppy planning. Because this has been mandated by the Act No 26 of 2007 on Spatial Planning Article 6, paragraph 1, point a spatial held with respect to the physical condition of the Republic of Indonesia are vulnerable to disasters.

[Source article: Faizal Adriansyah, Chairman of the Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) Pengda Aceh)


Shifting plates and Sumatra Earthquake Causes