Skin color not the integrity of Seeing

Skin color not the integrity of Seeing:
Racial issues in America in the 60's still sensitive. White and colored race can not blend in as it is now. However, this story is quite touching.

One day in 1965. Pouring down with rain, soon the middle of the night. A woman of color is being confused by the wayside. His car broke down. Several times she tried to ride 1-2 cars passing by waving his hand, but the cars that pass you by.

In the midst of confusion, she is trying to toughen up. He returned to continue the journey by foot. The cold water mengguyuri his onset of illness was ignored, he kept walking.

Suddenly there was a pedestrian, a white man came running. Without regard to conflicts of blacks and whites that was raging, the white man tried to offer to help him.

The white man and a woman find a taxi, gave him directions to where it should go down, and pay the taxi fare. Before the cab was gone, the man was given a business card to the woman as a reference if you get lost or encounter problems down the road.

A week later, he was startled by a loud knock at the door. Apparently, the courier officer - complete with his pickup truck had stopped in front of the house. The car was carrying a large color TV and stereo tape. Two objects are very luxurious time. In the color TV was attached a piece of paper as follows:

Designation. Bp. James,
Thank you for helping me that night. Help and guidance of the father was very meaningful to me, not just to protect me from the heavy rains, but also has managed to arouse me from despair.
Because of your help, I can meet my husband who was critically injured in hospital. If at that time I was late 10 minutes, then I will never meet again with her ​​husband forever. Thanks to the help of the father, I could see and be with my husband in his final moments.
May God protect and bless you.

Mrs. Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole - Nathaniel Adams Coles real name is legendary jazz singer. The daughter, Natalie Cole had a duet with the deceased through the hits "Unforgettable" (a technology breakthrough singing with people who have died)

Skin color not the integrity of Seeing