Three Times a wealth Apple state budget

Three Times a wealth Apple state budget:
Technology giant Apple to surpass the U.S. $ 600 billion or 5500 trillion yen for the first time in history and cemented its position as the most valuable companies in the world.

Apple shares have surged in value nearly 60% since the beginning of this year. With arguably the value of 3x larger than Indonesia's state budget is only about 1,500 trillion yen.

This is an important milestone achievement for the manufacturer of the iPhone is, when the new shares was U.S. $ 3.19 Rp30 thousand in 1997 when the company was founded, among others, the late Steve Jobs was threatened with bankruptcy.

Apple's closest competitor is Microsoft that is worth U.S. $ 260 billion or Rp 2380 trillion while in 1999, at the peak of the dotcom boom era, its value had reached U.S. $ 619 billion or approximately Rp5.677 trillion in market capitalization.

Speculation called boom era of new technologies will soon appear, followed by lethargy afterwards.

On Monday, the social networking giant Facebook has just announced a fantastic expenditure of U.S. $ 1 billion or Rp9 trillion to providers Instagram photo sharing application, a small company who only employ 13 new employees and was founded in October 2010.

Apple victorious in the hands of Jobs

Apple's resurgence under the wheel of Steve Jobs, who died last year from cancer, came thanks to a breakthrough in computer products and then the iPod music player, followed by the iPhone and the iPad.

Jobs also gave birth to the birth of Apple in Silicon Valley in the 1980s, but then fired at the end of that decade.

Jobs then asked to join back in 1997, to implement changes to the Apple production lines, culminating in the success of its iPhone and tablet, the iPad.

In January, Apple reported its biggest profit rate in the three months of 2011. At the end of that same year, the company reported a 97.6 billion in cash deposits or Rp893 trillion.


Three Times a wealth Apple state budget