Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing

Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing:
Tyson, so a ruler of the Grand Union Canal, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, England. Anyone who tried to enter or disturb the area, would be attacked out.

Tyson is a male white swan as high as approximately 1.2 m. Not too high, right? But the overall wing span can be up to 2.5 meters.

This white swans living in the Grand Union canal as mentioned above. Incidentally the month from March to May is the mating season. Apparently, Tyson will be a partner and were getting ready to build a nest for his new family.

The problem is, the white swan is so over-protective alias too aggressive. He would not allow anything close to his territory, around the radius of 3 (three) kilometers.

Incidentally, many people often exercise kayak (canoe paddle above) at the Grand Union canal.
Tuesday (3/27/2012), Joe Davies (20 th) drove over the canoe close to Tyson's territory.

Joe Tyson look so canoes from a distance, the white swan is swimming fast direct attack Joe.

As time drew near, his face looked very angry Tyson
Finally, Joe KO!

Local residents, Linda Sgoluppi (34 years) said, "This white goose was being aggressive, especially just got a female partner, and they were preparing a nest."

"Lately, it's three people who were attacked."
However, the behavior is a sign of Tyson as head of household who would do anything for his wife and children.

Photo Credits: Adam Gerrard / SWNS.com

Tyson attacks Tipping Trackbacks Canoeing
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