Want concert in Jakarta, why Trouble

News of the concert ticket buyers queuing mengularnya Lady Gaga is excited lately. Originally, the concert would take place on June 3, 2012. Gaga is being hype.

In fact, anyone know of a famous artist often ask for strange things every staged performances. Too many unique behavior. We see some of them.

Lady Gaga

Artists who will carry three Boeing aircraft with 39 containers in it at a concert in Jakarta later, had a strange request. One of them is the locker room like a sauna, so it should be 33 degrees Celsius temperature. Another addition is baby food.

Investigate a calibaration, GaGa was Tracey Anderson to follow a diet and fitness. The trick, all the exercises done in a high-temperature room to burn more calories.

Mariah Carey

When Mariah Carey came to Indonesia in 2004, the sexy singer was asked that in the middle of the stage there is a grand staircase to disregarded when the show.

The committee was soon to make the ladder with a cost of about fifty million rupiah. In fact, when the concert is only used not more than 5 minutes.


Riders (demand) of this group during a concert in Jakarta is quite strange. They asked for food extreme. The band was finally brought to a place in Jakarta to eat rattlesnake meat and monkey brain.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross asked for specially prepared steps in the stage area so that when he entered the stage will look like an angel coming down from the sky.

In addition, he also requested a hotel room and dressing room dominated by white, from the wall to the other trinkets. In fact, including interest must also be white.

Another unique story when first Incubus concert in Jakarta in 2008.

March 5, 2008. After making hysterical fans that cool the action stage, the crew Incubus returned to the hotel. In the elevator, Brandon Boyd (vocals) and are very excited to tell his friends that he finally was able to make coffee at home. His hands continued to hold a large bag of unknown contents.

After all Incubus personnel entered the room, Melanie Subono suddenly got a call from her sister who sounds panicked, "Brother, coffee machines that we rent in the backstage ilang. Where are ya, kak? We were told that a similar change, it was expensive. Who take it, huh? Kan., was in the locker room. "

In the morning, with reckless Melanie assign one staff asked the manager about Incubus is the loss of expensive coffee machine. The manager promised to help find her.

A few minutes later, officers got a call to immediately go up to floor 28 where the group Incubus stay. Shortly thereafter, Brandon showed up carrying a bag the size overnight and said, "Excuse me kebawa, new pack a tough fit again. Kok, be it in my bag? No intention ngambil, loh. Want doang borrowed."

Well, Brandon klepto ... What nonsense.

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Want concert in Jakarta, why Trouble