Art of Amazing Chewing Gum

Art of Amazing Chewing Gum: Usually chewing gum for most people merely chewed and discarded. In fact, it is often 'waste' of chewing gum stuck in any place. Let's admit, anyone who likes nempelin and make other people victims of our fad?

Fortunately, there is also a creative process of chewing gum into beautiful artworks. Let's look at two artists a creative genius with the gum.

Jason Kronenwald

Kronenwald, a bachelor of fine arts graduate of Queens University in creating a work of art called Chewing Gum Music Portrait.

Truly unique way. He was chewing gum with a variety of different flavors and colors are chewed and then placed on a plywood base, then create paintings with various styles, realistic, pop-art and others.

No paint or dyes are used. Inherent color of the gum color mixing that occurs. However, Kronenwald not working alone. He has a team dedicated to chew trident and preferring texture.

The attractiveness of images of his paintings spread over a wide audience of several collectors in Canada, including TD Waterhouse, until the publication of popular culture such as this year at Ripley's Believe It or Not.

His work has also received many reviews from the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Elle Magazine. And appeared on Breakfast Television, MuchMusic, Inside Edition and Good Morning America.

Maurizio Savini

Maybe all this time the designers made the statue with a statue of most media is essentially a wood, earth or metal, but more with Maurizio Savini, sculptures by famous Italian designers are desperate to make a sculpture with the media is essentially a gum.

No half-hearted gum colors he chose the color pink. How did it go? Check it out below.


Art of Amazing Chewing Gum