Friday, May 25, 2012

Batik Login Curriculum in Italian

Batik Login Curriculum in Italian:
The oldest fashion school in Italy, Koefia, plans to enter the fashion design with batik fabric into the curriculum of studies. The news was disclosed Koefia Artistic Director, Bianca Lami, along with Vice Chairman of the Parliament in Rome, Italy Raffaele D'Ambrosio who said it was aware of Solo as a batik center of the internet, this makes them very interested.

"I knew from the internet that the Solo is the capital of batik. Here many batik industry, I even heard the name of the village with batik. I want to see it directly," he said.
He said it would teach their students batik fashion design for three years. This is because it sees batik as a world cultural heritage of the Unesco-recognized Indonesia and could become a new fashion trend will be.
"We want to develop the fashion heritage. It is well to combine culture with European culture Solo and I think the result will be very good," he said.

How do we address this? Naturally, if there is a fear among these as a way out of the batik Indonesia annexed. Or maybe we should be encouraged to become more loving and learning batik that cultural heritage is still preserved in the hands of us and future generations.
For those in Jakarta, try the textile museum. In this place there is always a batik workshop. For the area, looking for location info to learn batik, because now almost every province to develop its local batik.


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