Friday, May 25, 2012

Books: The success of Islam along the City Trail

Books: The success of Islam along the City Trail:
As to whether today's world view of Islamic countries, stigma and kekerasankah terrorist, or a source of mine that must be mastered? Whatever it is, in the historical record shows a place where Islam had planted, so evidence of just how massive and extent of these teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Not just wide, the Islamic nations also never felt the "golden age", both in terms of power was the center of world science. This story is a thread of the book "Walking the City of Glory Traces of Islam" published by Republika daily. 26 cities around the world to be the center of attention of a team of writers: Heri Ruslan, Desy Susilawati, Dyah Meta Meta Ratna Novi, Ferry Kisihandi, Muhammad Subarkah, and Syahruddin El-Fikri.
With six authors labeled "journalists" of course content and accuracy of reading pleasure no longer cause for concern. They are really reliable pick a catchy title. "Cordoba: Paradise Lost", or "Kosovo: The Return of the Lost", and "Jordan: State guard Al-Aqsa Mosque". That for example, is so typical of the feature.
Similarly contents. Many interesting things - maybe even do not know - that can make us aware of how much Islam (time). Dozens of scholars, inventors were scattered into the world of reference. Who does not recognize the father of algebra Al-Khwarizmi, and he apparently came from Aleppo, Syria. Foreign name in his ear? Though Aleppo one of the oldest cities in human history.
Or want to know what kind of Islam in Tibet and Islam has been 'discovered' America before Columbus? 234 pages full of science content was in it.

However, as a consideration, after devouring the book, ask for the self, "What happened to the Islamic nation now, to where it went Kecendikiaan tumultuous change in the Middle East that seems endless? Or it may arise zeal to restore the glory of it. Hopefully inspired ...

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