Bringing Google Earth Mother-Son After 25 Years

Bringing Google Earth Mother-Son After 25 Years:
In 1986, Saroo Brierley (when it was 5 years old) joined his brother on the train. Because of fatigue, Saroo asleep for 14 hours. When awake, she was shocked stranded in a large city (Calcutta) while her sister did not look at his side.

Stranded on a strange big city, this small boy to be homeless. He could not return home, knowing he was still very small.

Fortunately Saroo collected by officers from the orphanage. The news of her brother was not clear, until recently found out his brother was found dead on the tracks by officers after a few months apart. Saroo way of life changed when a family to adopt and bring it to Australia.

Father and mother lived with a new, far left the country of birth, do not erase the memory of his mother dear Saroo.

As an adult, Saroo trying to trace missing family with the help of Google Earth application. He calculated the approximate distance to the train with the length of time asleep.

Who still remember just one thing. "I am looking for my first waterfall where a regular play," he told the BBC.

Finally, after making sure to count approximately presumably, Saroo fly to Khandwa. He feels this is his home village. With the help of local residents in the village, he was finally reunited with his mother - which is thankfully still alive.

What a touching, after separated for 25 years, this mother and son finally meet again.

Bringing Google Earth Mother-Son After 25 Years