Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bruce-Lee Style toads

Bruce-Lee Style toads:
Frogs from South America, Red-eyed tree frog when attention was often beratraksi like kung fu hero.
Goh Shikehy living in Batam maintains one type of frog is. Casually, he takes pictures with his camera. The result is fantastic, exactly the style of the frog-stance Bruce Lee in action.

"Frog I always raised his right leg while moving the gravity of his body to the left, then he pulled his kick stance. All of that lasted only a split second faster. Fortunately I was able to take a picture," said Goh.
As a mobile phone salesman, Goh slingshot action only when the frog free. "Shoot, I did my frog for four months. And I want to shoot more."

Apparently a lot of people like Goh shots. Surely because the movement of the frog is similar to the style of kung fu legend.
Now the question arises, is it possible-Bruce Lee adopted a motion to create a frog in his martial arts moves that spectacular? Somehow, none of you have the answer?

Photo: Caters New Agency - Bettmann-Corbis

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