Friday, May 25, 2012

Scientists Find Gene Trigger Answers Eternal Life

Scientists Find Gene Trigger Answers Eternal Life:
Imagination 'eternal life' as Highlander McCloud may still be too far from reality. However, a lot of young people who are interested.

Scientists have discovered four genes 'Father Time' which determines how quickly the human aging and the control part. These genes turn on and off by environmental factors and lifestyle or have been programmed from the start.

Researchers believe, knowing how these genes will lead to a new generation of anti-aging medicine.
"We found that epigenetic changes related to the nature of the age. Using the knowledge that we can, we can better understand the biological mechanisms, "said Dr. Jordana Bell of King's College London.

On the other hand, as reported by Dailymail, campus director, Professor Tim Spector said, the results of this study provide the first view of the potential to search for genes related to aging and how to modify it to begin to create anti-aging therapies.


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