Skull Full of Places of Worship

Skull Full of Places of Worship:
That said, no one has magical powers is very high. He condemned many women and children to death. Surprisingly, the bodies refuse to be buried in the local cemetery. Until it is placed in the chapel of the skull and dwells in that place until now.

Maybe this story just sakibul saga or the local folklore, because no one knows the actual events, which clearly many skulls of women and children hanging in the chapel called: Capela dos Ossos - which means: the Chapel of Skulls!

Capella dos Ossos located in Evora, Portugal. A chapel that has existed since the 16th century. Places of worship is a unique bin strange because all the walls adorned with skull and skeleton.

How could this happen? According to history, in the 16th century there were 43 pieces in the Evora's funeral. When there is a decision to several funeral mehancurkan, 5000 skull monks moved to the Chapel dos Ossos.

Somehow, the idea arose from the monks at Chapel dos Ossos to make 5000 the skull had been part of interior decoration in the chapel. That is still to be a place for solitude, for people who come to realize one day we must die, so do not be too busy with worldly glitter.

The proof, at the entrance to the chapel depends words "Nos Ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos," which roughly means "skull we (already) here, (and) we look forward to your skull" as a reminder of all people will someday be die.

Also Czech Got

In addition to Portugal, there is again a church in Czechoslovakia are also interior decorated with skulls, which Sedlec Ossuary (Kostnice Sedlec). In this place more of the skull, between 40000-70000 skull.

The church is decorated in 1870 by the Schwarzenberg family. This family was intended to decorate the church with the skull, as a craftsman hired to satisfactory results.
See the photos below, skulls neatly arranged into decorative artistic merit. Although some among us who still shudder as a skull surrounded by thousands of ... I do not know.


Skull Full of Places of Worship