8 Mighty Grandma on Earth

8 Mighty Grandma on Earth: When parents get older, the ability of a person will be much reduced. The more myopic eye, bone loss, easy to get sick, gray, and more. Finally, older people are often overlooked by the younger group.

But not with a collection of these grandmothers, they remain strong despite the age is not young. Hopefully, what they do can be an inspiration to us, the young, to the spirit and work better.

A. The oldest climber of Mount Everest

A 73-year-old grandmother, Tamae Watanabe, crowned the oldest climber to conquer Mount Everest. Watanabe get that record on Saturday.

Watanabe climb left for Kathmandu, Nepal, in early April, and up the mountain to the summit.

2. Russian Girl Band grandmothers

A vocal group known as the Buranovo Grannies became a byword in Russia after being elected to represent the country in the Eurovision singing contest, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday (03/10/2012).

As the name 'grannies' alias 'granny', personnel "girl band" Russian style has been around 80 years old. If the age of six members of their total, the number more than 400 years.

3. DJ 73 Years of Poland

Szmyt Wika is a 73-year-old grandmother. Although he has retired, Wika use their spare time to work as a DJ three times a week at a nightclub in Poland. Wika is also often involved in the project of modern music, where he invites people - younger people to experience music.

4. Granny 98 Year Winning Judo Black Belt

Keiko Fukuda Sensei make history. Female 98 years has become the first woman to get degree black belt in Judo level 10. This is the highest level in the martial arts sport.

In addition to women who still teaches judo in Noe Valley, San Francisco, United States, there are only 16 people in the world to achieve the highest degree in judo. Of the sixteen people were only four people who are still alive: Fukuda and the other three were men living in Japan.

5. Granny Acrobatic Advanced 72 years

A 72-year-old grandmother because sports attract people who do it everyday. Though in old age, he did not look like an old woman in general, but he can still do sports with an amazing level of flexibility of the body.

Retired named Tan Zhauxian, from Nanning, capital of Guangxi Province, South China is able to bend his legs close to almost every part of her body.

6. 104 Years Brave grandmother Parachute

A 104-year-old grandmother became the oldest person to take part in a daredevil skydiving. grandmother was named Peggy McAlpine, he has two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Now he is awaiting confirmation of the official record by the Guinness Book. Mrs McAlpine's oldest parachutist broke the record after five years ago by Mary Allen Hardison, Utah U.S. of 101-year-old.

7. Grandma Shuffle Dance

Not wanting to miss when many people are trying to shuffle dance style LMFAO, a 90-year-old grandmother was in accordance with the fun dance song Party Rock Anthem.

As if not to be outdone by his age began to eat away, grandma was eager to do the shuffle dance with though hindered by the strength of his body. No matter, what matters is slang grandmother once!

8. Grandma Snipper

Tomar Chandro looks like an old woman in general. He was 78 years old, have 6 children and 15 grandchildren loved. But make no mistake! Ramahnya white hair and a smile can make you fall.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Grandma Tomar is believed to be a sniper or snipers in the world's oldest professional. Grandmother from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India has won 25 national sniper shooting contest. And more astonishing, he began holding a rifle for the first time 10 years ago or when he was 68 years.

This means that within a decade he was able to master the technique of shooting sniper fluently. When Vasily Zaitsev is still alive, maybe there will be a penalty shot in between them.

It all started when my grandmother Tomar accompany her granddaughter to a shooting club. His grandson is very interested in this world but he is shy to go alone. "When I'm with her, I decided to try," said the old grandmother. "The coach saw me and was amazed by bidikanku."

After that he was practicing on a regular basis. Farooq said the grandmother Tomar Pathan very proficient to the point of no men who trained together for fear of being humiliated. "He has qualified expertise, a firm hand and keen eye," he said.

My grandmother owned Tomar talent seems to have been ingrained in the family. As quoted by the BBC, Seema, her daughter is one of the first Indian woman to win the championship revolver and a rifle in 2010. Meanwhile, one grandson, Neetu Solanki, an international marksman who represented India at the championships which took place in the world countries such as Hungary and Germany. Both women were admitted Tomar story has inspired them to become more advanced.

"He was so awesome," said Seema. "If he can do it, so we certainly can. He showed us that anything can happen. He has really helped improve our lives. "

Neetu, her granddaughter, adding that in a society dominated by men such as in India, his grandmother gave hope to the younger generation.

"The young woman said, 'if my grandmother can, why can not we?' I tell them: work hard and keep your chin up and you still would have ventured to many places, "says Neetu.

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8 Mighty Grandma on Earth