Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma

Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma:
This is testament to the strength of a song. Not only as an entertainer, but also the inspiration and creator of magic.

April 2011, at a hospital in England, a mother, Leila Neve overcome with grief. Arms around Charlotte (7), his daughter who was in a coma.

Leila's heart was crushed when the doctor told him that they have given up. Charlotte illness, brain haemorrhage, could not be saved again. Charlotte was nearing the end of life. So, Leila could only hug her little girl in farewell.

The atmosphere is quiet hospital room. Leila sobs sounded just off the departure of Charlotte and ... the faint sound of the radio.

Suddenly the radio play songs Adele "Rolling in the Deep" ... and a faint smile appeared just when Charlotte heard.

Leila was surprised. He was immediately cried with joy. His little girl's back.

"I do not believe it," Leila said in an interview with The Telegraph. "It was the first time Charlotte reacted after coma due to brain hemorrhage. Sister was surprised and asked me to continue singing the song Adelle. When heard, Charlotte smiled back."

"Rolling in the Deep" is a song craze Charlotte.

After this thrilling event, a few days later, Charlotte was able to get out of bed. Then, after passing a series of tests physiotherapy, speech therapy, he continued gradually improved and ready to go home.

Although it is now Charlotte was still experiencing some problems of blindness and loss of memory in his brain, he was back to being a normal kid who could go to school, even got to dance lessons.

Where the magic can happen anytime. Because, this world is full of wonders. Adele sounds like in the song "Rolling in the Deep" follows, "There's a fire starting in my heart ... Reaching a fever pitch ... And it's Bringing me out the dark.

Yes, Charlotte is back out of the darkness of his life ...


Adele song Waking Girl 7 Years of Coma