Although deficiency, Tailor this Becak Contributes Rp 472.5 Million To Ajal

Although deficiency, Tailor this Becak Contributes Rp 472.5 Million To Ajal:
Helping and giving is usually easier to do when we have excess capacity. Another matter of when we were in a state of 'minus' think it will be two or three times before helping.

There's nothing wrong with this attitude. But the problem is not excess capacity, but the intention of helping. That is a sign of cleanliness and sincerity.

Maybe, we do have a lot to learn this. Like for example the story of a pedicab driver named Bai Fang Li of Tianjin, China.

Life as a pedicab driver makes Bai Fang Li should 'tighten belts'. Live in simple huts, eating potluck in accordance with income earned. In fact, sometimes he had to scavenge food from scavenging. In fact, the wages of pull rickshaws enough to eat everyday.

Apparently, Bai Fang Li uses almost all the proceeds to donate to orphanages caring for 300's, children can not afford.

Bai Fang Li began to contribute to the foundation was touched when he was 74 years. At that time he accidentally saw a 6 year-olds who are currently offering services to help mothers lifting groceries at the market. After lifting the groceries, he received the wages of mothers who helped his services.

But what Bai Fang Li surprise, the boy picked up the food in the trash to eat. Though he could buy a decent meal to fill his stomach.

When he asked, was the child did not want to interfere with his efforts that the money to buy food. He used the money to feed her siblings, ages 3 and 4 years in a hut in which they live. The three of them live as scavengers and their parents somewhere.

Bai Fang Li a chance to take the boy to his home untouched. After that he brought three children into orphanages where there were hundreds of children are cared for.

Since then Bai Fang Li follow the child, do not use the money for the pedicab ride everyday lives, but donated to the orphanages.

Bai Fang Li started the foundation's accounts in 1986. He never demanded anything from the foundation. He did not know any children who are benefiting from cash donations.

In 2001 he reached 91 years. He came into it with a fragile foundation. He said the board of trustees that he was no longer able to pedal a tricycle for his health deteriorated. At that time he took last contribution as much as 500 yuan, equivalent to USD 675 000.

With the recent donation of money that he had contributed a total of 350 000 yuan, equivalent to USD 472.5 million. His son, Bai Jin Feng, found out that her father has been donating to the foundation.
In 2005, Bai Fang Li died after being stricken ill with lung cancer.

This inspiring story to the attention of the crowd had a few years ago. After all, are still relevant for us at any time, right?

Although deficiency, Tailor this Becak Contributes Rp 472.5 Million To Ajal