Apparently English Napoleon Severe

Apparently English Napoleon Severe:
A letter written by the French emperor Napoleon Bonarpate in English on display in Paris. The letter will be auctioned this weekend at Fontainebleau, south of Paris, on Sunday. Expected to fetch around 80,000 euros ($ 1 billion).

The Emperor is hard to speak english /

The emperor wrote the letter in March 1816 in exile on the island of Saint Helena. He tried hard to learn the state language of the catch, but instead wrote a letter which he showed that English was severe, difficult to understand.

This quotation:

"Count Las Case. It is two oclock after midnight, I have enow [enough] sleep, then I go into to finish the night with you cause,"

("Count Las Case. Two o'clock after midnight, I had enough sleep, I'll finish talking with you tonight"), so it began.

Furthermore, "He shall land above seven day, a ship from Europe That We shall give account anything from this WHO shall have been even to first day of January thousand eight hundred sixteen.

"You shall have for this ocurens a letter from Lady Las Case That you learn what Himself shall carry well Could conceive if she had the your occurens. But I tire myself and you shall have of the ado at my conceive."

("He will land in seven days, a ship from Europe who will tell you everything that happened up to the January one thousand eight hundred sixteen. You will receive a letter from Lady Las Case and you'll read for yourself what has happened. But I am tired and you also must have tired of reading this letter ").

A sheet of yellowing paper is one of the three letters he sent from St. Petersburg. Helena, where Napoleon lived in exile after losing the Battle of Waterloo.

Arriving at St. Helena, Napoleon began to learn English from his assistant, Emmanuel, the title of Comte de las Cases.

However, including students who are eager to Napoleon. And, he had to admit was learning English is not as easy as it seems. For proof, just a teacher who understands the Napoleon English of the emperor.

Apparently English Napoleon Severe