Archaeologists Find Success Framework Vampires?

Archaeologists Find Success Framework Vampires?:
Already know the breaking news that developed in Europe? Tuesday (5/06) vampire skeleton remains have been found 700 years ago.

Is it really a vampire?

Quoted from, Bulgaria, archaeologists found a skeleton of a man who was buried 700 years ago in a state of the iron rod was stabbed in the chest. Condition of the body was stabbed several times in the chest and the abdomen. That made possible because of the concerns of the dead rose to become a vampire.

The male skeleton was found in the Black Sea town of Sozopol. While his grave near the church who hinted he might come from noble families.

According to the analysis of researchers, there is an ancient belief in the people there, that people who are considered evil in his life could turn into a vampire after death, except ditancap chest with an iron bar or timber before burial.

"They might be the bad guys while still alive, and will rise from the grave as a vampire," said Director of the National History Museum of Bulgaria, Bozhidar Dimitrov told the BBC, (5/6).

According to Dimitrov, the practice is common in the time until the first decade of the 20th century. The historian adds, has been found about a hundred graves the same in Bulgaria a few years ago. The last two skeletons found believed to originate from about 800 hundred ago, was found at the archaeological site near a monastery in Sozopol, town on the shores of the Black Sea coast.

Iron or wooden stick into the chest dihujamkan believed to be a symbol that the body will not be able to bounce back.

Arkelolog Tim said, this is the first discovery they found the tomb of "vampire" in Sozopol. Diitemukan more than 100 terms in the condition of the iron rod was stabbed in Bulgaria in recent years.

Meanwhile, experts say it could have been the tomb of scholars or experts of treatment. Because the presence of people like this in the Middle Ages are often suspected of being a witch or something to do with supernatural beings.

Well, hope is not a vampire, yes.


Archaeologists Find Success Framework Vampires?