Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home

Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home:
Cleaning the house a measure of family health. Although a cursory look is clean and tidy, be alert to the possibility of bad bacteria hide and multiply in some unexpected places.

Dr Nurrahmiati, MKM, Public Health Specialists from the Ministry of Health said that bacteria likes to inhabit the place is dirty and damp. Therefore, the quality of lighting, ventilation and waste regulation noteworthy.

There are many loopholes in the house which allows the growth of bacteria that cause illness. Therefore, identify a favorite source of spread of the bacteria that lurk in families. Especially in places the most frequently used: kitchen, bathroom and family room.


Glance may look clean, but did you know that the kitchen is the dirtiest area of ​​the house. Save millions of bacteria that comes not only from the waste materials but also raw foods like meat.

Raw meat has the potential to carry bacteria E Coli and Salmonella are easily attached to the cookware and tableware in the vicinity. One study even called the sink contaminated with bacteria 100 thousand times more than those in the toilet.


Although virtually cleaner than the kitchen, this area certainly save a lot of bacteria from the feces of the body. There are at least four points of bacterial contamination-prone: the sink faucet, lavatory faucet, an area for bathing, and cabinet handles. Ironically, many users were not aware that the bathroom shower becomes the source of untreated disease.

Living room

The area that is often used as a space to spend time with family is also potentially a breeding place of bacteria. The telephone, television controllers and light switches that are there to be a place that is often inhabited bacteria.

Menimimalisir bacteria in the home is actually very easy. In addition to diligently clean every surface, also need to do a good arrangement of space for air circulation and lighting up.

"The more ventilation and light inside, furniture and surface area of ​​the house easier to clean. Dust and dirt will not last long, "said Interior Designers, Dianing Mahdiawaty in the event Scotch-Brite ™ Campaign House Kept Clean, healthy family.

Bacteria alert 3 Places of Power at Home