Biggest Jellyfish Lake's in Indonesia, you know ...

Biggest Jellyfish Lake's in Indonesia, you know ...:
Where habitat jellyfish, is always on the high seas? Apparently not. Jellyfish can live in brackish water. In fact, Indonesia has the largest jellyfish lake in the world.

Yes, in Kakaban, East Kalimantan, there is a brackish lake full of juicy jellyfish do not sting. Kakaban is one of a total of 31 islands belonging to the Derawan Islands. Administratively, Kakaban included in the district of Berau, East Kalimantan.

Be visited the official website of Tourism of Indonesia, Tuesday (29/05/2012), Kakaban has a unique shape, which is like the number 9. Number 9 is a combination of the cluster of reefs above sea level, which is formed from millions of years ago.

Kakaban has an area of ​​2.6 x1, 5 kilometers and is famous in the presence of brackish water lake inhabited by thousands of jellyfish do not sting. The lake, named Lake Kakaban is formed by rock that rises above sea level with a height of up to 50 meters. Then, rock made a number of trapped water, and formed the lake.

Kakaban lake is very popular because there are only two in the world, the Lake Kakaban Derawan Islands and Jellyfish Lake in Palau, Micronesian Pacific Ocean in the southeast region. This brackish water lake has a unique ecosystem, because it is inhabited by animals and plants are endemic. Some of these are the jellyfish that lost the ability to sting, the carpet of algae in the lake, white anemones.

Kakaban now nominated as the UNESCO's world heritage sites, as it has 4 types of jellyfish. These four types of jellyfish are moon jellyfish, spotted jellyfish, box jellyfish and jellyfish upside down.

The latter is the most unique because jellyfish are located at the bottom of the lake with tentacles facing up. One thing that is strange, because usually the jellyfish with tentacles on top facing down.

Reportedly, the twin lakes Kakaban, the Jellyfish Lake in Palau only has two types of jellyfish. So, no exaggeration to call the Lake Kakaban as jellyfish lake in the world.


Biggest Jellyfish Lake's in Indonesia, you know ...