Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water

Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water:
In the hot desert in the U.S. and Mexico region, since the cactus plant used to be the savior of the rover. Cactus stems store water that is often used when someone runs out of stock drinks.


Apparently not only that cactus functions. Recent research suggests the best pure water contained in the prickly pear cactus. Researchers from the University of South Florida has been experimenting with extracting the sap, and add into the dirty water due to sediment and bacteria.

Sediment and bacteria cause the sap to join, then settle to the bottom and separate the 98% of bacteria in the water.

Researchers looked at communities in developing countries using the cactus in their daily lives. They used to boil the sap of a cactus to get the sap is then added to the water, just as the researchers.

If some of these problems can be solved, it is cheap and clean water that can reach millions of people who lack these resources.

Well, again we learn from nature about the purification of water, is not it?


Cactus greatness of Bacteria Can Purify Water