Causes of Indonesia is Failed State

Causes of Indonesia is Failed State:
I still remember, a few hours yesterday with an article -Indonesia-entry-list-failed state ? Well, apparently it got a response from some quarters in the House.

Vice Chairman of the House Law Commission, Aziz Shamsuddin, argued the cause. This happens because a lot of legislation that does not run properly. So what is desired by the community has not been achieved.

"Must diperbaikilah," he told Liputan6.

Azis and then criticizing the rule of law in terms of combating corruption. In law enforcement, there are three principles. Among others is the principle of certainty, fairness, and expediency.

These three principles, she argues, must be running simultaneously. Is it useful to law enforcement or legal community. If not useful, then the spirit of the Act was not reached.

"Because the spirit of Law, his spirit itukan policy for the benefit of society. According to the theory of legal development, the policy change should be towards improving the prosperity of society," he explained.

That spirit, which is not up to the community. So that the community gives protest over the law enforcement

Causes of Indonesia is Failed State