Determining mixing Ambition

Determining mixing Ambition:
Anyone know Mark Victor Hansen? Maybe just a few of you remember the name. OK, now I change the question slightly. Anyone know the book series "Chicken Soup for the Soul"? Taste, this book has much to read, or at least hear it.

Yes, Mark Victor Hansen is the author of the world famous series. This time we will learn something from Hansen and his friend, Anthony Robbins. Two friends were both a motivator for many.

At a time when earnings Hansen at U.S. $ 1 million, he asked Robbins, "Your income is so great, how can I achieve it, too?"

When asked, Robbins even asked, "Who are your main schools of thought?"

"The millionaire," said Hansen.

"That's your mistake. You have to get along with the billionaire, they will definitely make you think at their level, "said Robbins.

After Hansen got the answer, he soon managed to earn up to U.S. $ 1 billion.

Chicken and Eagle

How do we learn from the story of Hansen and Robbins? The association that we choose, friendship or a particular community will bring influence to us in the future, good or bad.

This was also confirmed by research conducted by Dr. David from Harvard University, who concluded a friend or a community will affect the success after 25 years.

Basically, humans are happy to adapt to or follow the pattern of living environment.

That is, if we work among the people who are diligent, disciplined, always keep the quality and quality, honest, then sooner or later we will imitate their lifestyle. But conversely, if we work in an environment in which people tend to be lazy, late, undisciplined, like absenteeism, cheating, then slowly but surely we will do the same.

In line with the conclusions of Dr.. David, also became one of the important points in the book "The Secret" (Rhonda Byrne) or even the advice of Mario, the famous motivator in this country.

To achieve what we aspire, it will be more easily achieved when we are interacting with people who are in line with our goals. If you want to be a powerful music player, would be more rapidly achieved if you hang out with musicians, especially from the seniors, is not it?

Of course, Hansen, Robbins, Rhonda, or even Mario does not mean only select people from a particular class as social friends. Making friends and getting to know people from various circles would be useful to expand the association. The more friends the easier life for mutual assistance to each other.

But has a limit so as not to be too late in the association that do not comply with the goals we can certainly keep our steps to stay on track. So, if we are to succeed, put us on the right track. Establish ourselves to always get along with individuals who can provide a positive influence, and the bright future that was available to us.

We may not be able to fly like an eagle if we live in a collection of chicken.


Determining mixing Ambition