Duh, Still Got Burned Campus Graduation Photos

Duh, Still Got Burned Campus Graduation Photos:
When graduate students has become a tradition to take pictures at the campus where their studies. But what would happen if a photograph is used as the background of the campus is on fire? Students from the University of Dalian, Liaoning province, China is doing a photo session in those conditions.

The great fire engulfed a warehouse located next to the hostel when the students through graduation. They panicked and tried to escape to safety. But the plan was changed because they still want their pictures taken first as a memento.

The graduates who are still wearing a full gown was finally fixed their pictures taken. They threw a toga with a cheerful pose to the sky with billowing black smoke background. After that they were evacuated to a safe place and then successfully extinguished the fire.

The photos were uploaded to the internet and quickly became a sensation. Within two hours of the photo has been deployed three thousand times. The university was still unique graduation photo upload them to their official website.

"It's too coincidental to see a fire on campus coincided with the day of graduation," wrote one netizen by the name of Brent-J. "The students seem happy to see the campus on fire."


Duh, Still Got Burned Campus Graduation Photos