Friday, June 22, 2012

Funny thing is, Girls Clothes Make the School of Mathematical Tasks

Funny thing is, Girls Clothes Make the School of Mathematical Tasks:
There is a unique story of a girl's school in Canada. Kara Koskowich, the name of this student who had just graduated from school Lethbrige. What did he do?

When graduation party (such as prom night), usually girls got busy looking for a dress, makeup make-up, and cutting-edge style of ornamentation to make it look 'wow' when the show. Understandably, the fair-puberty is attracting attention from the boys.

However, what Kara? Instead he chose to wear a unique dress made of paper sendri use dozens of mathematics tasks.

Yes, he is stringing dozens of papers that have a math assignment from the first grade and some colored paper post it becoming a beautiful dress. In total there are 75 pieces of mathematical tasks used.

Koskowich admitted recently completed her dress the night before prom. Actually, he has begun to make the dress in March, but due to his penchant delay, new Koskowich do most of the work to make the dress in the last week before the prom.

The idea came to mind when looking at a dress Koskowich 'one arm' is seen in the store. He thought it would be more attractive and save if you could make your own dress for her party.

"For me, this (graduation party) is not about spending money to look good, but about how you can interpret it as part of graduation," said Koskowich on CBC and was quoted by Yahoo.

What nonsense, yes. Well, try the clothes worn during the exam, would be a most valuable source of cheat, he ... he ... he ...


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