Iiiih ... So the bald bird Twitter

Iiiih ... So the bald bird Twitter:
There were different from the display starting today Twitter bird. If the bird is usually named Larry is wearing crested with the head upright, this time Larry piece crest, and performed with the head slightly up.

Twitter change the logo that started yesterday. In addition to birds, Twitter is also slightly modify the logo of the letter "t".

Photos: vincentabry.com

Quoting the CNN website, Twitter does not explain the reason for the logo and symbol of refreshment does. In its official blog, Twitter just mention that the symbol of the bird would become a symbol of Twitter.

"From now on, this bird will be known universally as a symbol of Twitter. (Twitter is a bird, a bird that is Twitter," writes social networking is set up Jack Dorsey.

In addition to changing the logo and symbol, Twitter was registering the logo and symbol that became a trademark to the institution of copyright. Twitter also explains what can and can not be done with that symbol.

It is allowed to use it without a modified brand bird and the bird should be facing right. In addition, Twitter requested is no space at least 150 percent in some birds.

The thing that is forbidden to do is to make modifications. For example, using speech balloons like in comics, makes animated birds, duplicating or copying of bird, the colors, or use the symbols of the old bird. Twitter also prohibits the use of the letter "t" and the logo reads "twitter".

Citing page Daily Mail, Creative Director of Twitter Doug Bowman said the new logo is expected to cost around U.S. $ 8,000 to U.S. $ 20,000. Bowman also explained that the logo "foster love of ornithology (bird science), which combined with the simplicity of design creativity and simple geometry."

Larry has been a symbol of Twitter since 2010 ago. His figure was more familiar, along with the rise of social networks, characterized by great-grandson said in 140 characters. That said, Larry's name was taken from the Boston Celtics basketball legend, Larry Bird.


Iiiih ... So the bald bird Twitter