Kriiing ... Phone Love Taylor of Awaken 10 Month Coma

Kriiing ... Phone Love Taylor of Awaken 10 Month Coma:
Upon hearing of seduction, "I'll love navigating the ocean to" it's too hyperbolic, or the term child now alay really, siiih ... but the phrase is actually showing how great love, he could do great things.

Matthew Taylor, a young Englishman (31) moved to Bali in 2009 as an English teacher. On the island of the gods, he met a local girl, Nurul Handayani (27) and they both love relationship.

Taylor and Nurul while still in Bali /

Tragically, 18 months after settling in Bali Taylor motorcycle accident. Suffered a severe head concussion.

The couple intend to marry, they have been engaged, but the plan should be delayed when he had an accident when driving a motorcycle July 9 last year. In addition to a fractured skull, eye sockets should also be reconstructed using bone from her thigh. When that operation, he was comatose, and in a vegetative state.

In October, Taylor returned to England. Both parents hold vigil at the bedside at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Nurul had accompanied Taylor for three months, but the Dutch Literature student at the University of Indonesia was forced to return to Bali because of his visa runs out. Thus, Taylor was re-lay itself.

One day, Handayani Nurul called and appointed by both parents Taylor. They also direct the phone to your ear immediately Taylor. Magically, when she heard her lover's voice, Taylor tears flowing down her cheek. It was the first time English teacher is showing signs of recovering.

"The tears were flowing as we hold the phone to his ear. Boyfriend to ask anything, he seemed to answer" yes "with his body language," said Taylor's stepfather, Simon Moore, as published by the Daily Mail.

From the first phone call three weeks ago, now he is slowly recovering. He does a lot more movement.

"Conscience is still low, but he could move his arm, left and right when the phone rang. We are very relieved he began to recover," said Moore. Mrs. Taylor, Heather called Nurul more diligent to stimulate his son.

Moore added, they watch day and night in the hospital, the chest thumping preparing for the worst. Now, with the positive development of Taylor, made them very happy.

Seentara, Luke Griggs, spokesman for the foundation said the Headway brain injury, he now has hope of recovery.

He explained that the therapy penganggulangan coma (coma arousal therapy) is often used to stimulate patients with reduced consciousness, coma or vegetative state.

"The period of stimulation designed carefully, in the form of sound, touch, smell, and taste. That coupled with the patient rest period not to overload the senses.

"Although each individual case is different, in general, the longer he is not aware, the smaller the chances of full recovery."

However, miracles can happen. "We heard several examples, one can rise from the coma, recovered, and went on to live happily," he said.

This fact indicates that the program may be effective therapy. Also evidence of the power of love can create miracles.

Well, do you realize how great love for our parents, let us dedicate life with loving parents and everyone, yes. Because love will turn the world into a more beautiful place to live.


Kriiing ... Phone Love Taylor of Awaken 10 Month Coma