Let's See the Gates of Hell in America

Let's See the Gates of Hell in America:
May be too much if the place is called the "gates of hell", because the real cave Cavern of Death was an underground temple. Indeed, the entry way to pass through the doors of the caves and tunnels.

However, so people in the village Liyobaa, call Zapoteca province. Cavern of Death is owned by Indian tribes who were forced to 'open' by the conquerors of Spain.

In the underground temple there are four main rooms, namely:

The first basement is one room that is destined for human sacrifice. The walls parallel to the various images of the representations that they refer to as God. A blood-stained rock in the middle of the room is used as an altar for the slaughter of human victims who are still alive.

Then there were doors in the first room that connects to where the bodies preserved. Next, connect the third door on the third underground vault, where the bodies were preserved from all the kings Theozapotlan.

The last room had another door that is covered by large stone slabs. Through the back door of the stone slabs were placed the bodies of all human sacrifice and the bodies of all the nobility and the knights who died in battle.

According to local legend, when someone is stricken with an incurable illness or oppressed by the poverty that makes them look dead, they will come to the high priest to ask for permission to enter the Cavern of Death while still alive. They believe that if they do, they will be happy in the afterlife.

Because that is the reason this place is called the "Gate of Hell".


Let's See the Gates of Hell in America