Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mosquitoes Survive Revealed Secrets of the Rain

Mosquitoes Survive Revealed Secrets of the Rain: The team of researchers from Georgia Tech managed to uncover the secret of why mosquitoes can survive in a rain storm, even if its size is very small.

As many people know, mosquitoes love to live in damp conditions and no one knows how these little animals can survive when it rains.

Fox News.

"The interesting part of this animal, this animal can survive even when it rains," said researcher David L Hu.

To find out, the team used high-speed camera to take pictures of a mosquito flying in rainy conditions.

As quoted by FoxNews , when it rains and a drop of water on the mosquito, it is known, the speed of this animal is down 10%. "That is, these animals can absorb more power and survive," he said.

In addition, the flying animals also helped him survive. "The body of water is also beneficial anti-animal," she added.


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