People may know the character of shoes, you know ...

People may know the character of shoes, you know ...:
You know, they say we can know the character of the model was wearing shoes. And this can be proven scientifically, you know. At least according to the research psychologist and a team of Omri Gillath Kansai University.

Researchers at the university set up an experiment involving 63 students and 208 pairs of shoes. These students are given a list of questions relating to the photographs of 208 pairs of shoes from a variety of volunteers. They were asked to guess the various characteristics of the actual owner of the shoe through the photos. And guess they are mostly accurate.

The results of the study, found a variety of interesting conclusions about the relationship between a person's choice of shoes and his social life. Typically, expensive shoes have a high-income people. Yes, that's true and familiar. However, there is another conclusion, namely:
  • Simple and practical shoes owned by a pleasant and friendly.
  • Her right shoe worn by a person aggressive.
  • That looks uncomfortable shoes worn by people who are quiet.
  • Most users of expensive shoes and unkempt feel worried about the status of their social life.
  • Simple shoes are too expensive and not favored by those who have a liberal mindset.
Indeed, the researchers acknowledge that all of the above conclusion is not entirely valid. At least answer the question, "if the shoe has information on personality of the person wearing it?" Indeed they are.

Well, do you think about you, try to observe again a collection of shoes or a friend, whether above conclusion right there?


People may know the character of shoes, you know ...