Pills For Lazy People

Pills For Lazy People:
Lazy. This word has always been a scourge that is often associated with productivity and performance. Impact on a lazy student learning and success in education. Employees who are lazy, well this is dangerous because the eye of the chain up to the company's competitiveness.


Too lazy to eventually become the subject of interest to scientists. What causes humans are lazy, and why? How do I fix this?

A bunch of researchers at the University of Zurich who are members of the group's Center for Integrative Human Physiology recently announced that they have solved the fundamental problem of laziness.

The researchers gave the hormone erythropoietin in mice and found that the hormone to motivate the animals. In addition, erythropoietin does not increase red blood cells. This experiment thus provides an answer to health problems, such as Alzheimer's and other mental disorders.

Max Gassmann, co-author of the study report noted that erythropoietin has an effect on a person's mood, hence can be used in patients suffering from depression.

What conclusions? This invention allows the creation of "motivation pill" that could add to the spirit of people to not be lazy anymore.


Pills For Lazy People