Regulations in China: Just Can 2 Flies in Toilet

Regulations in China: Just Can 2 Flies in Toilet:
There are new regulations in China that may sound strange, that there should be no more than two flies in the toilet. This rule is a new standard of public toilets as a guide. The new rules also set standards regarding odor and cleanliness of litter in the toilet.

Illustration 2 flies /

Environmental officer was also put up ads that appear on the streets, saying the public should maintain public toilet facilities, if not they will be punished.

It turned out that the regulation aims to regulate the management standardization toilet in places such as parks, railway stations, hospitals and shopping centers, as quoted by BB News, Wednesday (05/23/2012).

Keep in mind, one district in downtown Beijing to apply similar rules in 2008 when the Bamboo Curtain country to host the Olympics. As a result, sanitation and hygiene in every toilet is different.

Some suggested that the rules would work well if accompanied by guidance in using the toilet with a better way.

But as usual, many people who doubt these guidelines can be enforced. Whether in China, when in our country it is difficult to apply such rules. Understandably, you also know what causes it, right? : P


Regulations in China: Just Can 2 Flies in Toilet