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Tor-tor dance and claimed magondang Malaysia, we panic. Of course, since this is the real cultural heritage of Indonesia. Let's know more familiar tor-tor in order to know the ancestral heritage of Batak land is very far from the traditions of Malaysia.

Dance tor-tor/

Tor-tor dance is typical dance tribal Batak of North Sumatra. Exactly Mandailing. These dance moves in rhythm with the music (magondangi) played using traditional instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet Batak, and others.
Tor-tor dance was used in rituals associated with spirits. Spirit is invoked and "go" to the statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors). The statues were then moves like dancing, but with a rigid motion. The movement is a movement of the foot (toe-toe) and hand movements.

This dance is usually held at a large party where earlier in the clean place and location of the party before the party began to away from danger by using lime. Tor-tor into the culture of indigenous people in every activity Batak.

Tor-tor dance is also in use at the wedding, the tribe Mandailing Tarin tor-tor is a dance that is the case until now. Many people who know the dance because dance tor-tor tor-tor is always in use by some of the dance studio to become one of the dance that was developed and in the case.

Everyone can definitely dance Mandailing tor-tor, because the dance is always in use in a variety of events in northern Sumatra. This dance is also very in love by people who are not tribal Batak. Dance in Indonesia has a hallmark of each area into a dance in pride.

Tor-tor as well dance not only tribal dancing Mandailing tor-tor, but a tribal jam Mandailing can also dance well-tor-tor.

This dance is very popular so sellalu in use on special occasions. Clothes that are used in dance clothes tor-tor is characterized by wearing ulos Batak.

Clothing worn when dancing was tor-tor is very good because the clothes on the dance tor-tor has its own hallmark. Then the dance is what we must uphold and preserve ever.

Range Tor-tor

Tor-tor dance types are manifold, namely:

Tor tor Pangurason (cleansing dance).
This dance is usually held at a big party. Before the party starts, place and location of the party first cleaned by using lime to be far from danger.

Tor tor Sipitu cup (Dance of the seven bowls).
This dance is usually held during the inauguration of a king. This dance is also derived from the seven daughters of heaven to bathe in a lake at the top of the mountain by an incoming pusuk Buhit sipitu sasarung piso (seven knife sheath).

Tor tor Single Panaluan
Usually held when a disaster-stricken village. Single panaluan danced by the shaman to guide the solution to resolve the issue. For a single rod is a combination of supernatural powers panaluan Debata Natolu above the continent, the continent was, and the Continent.

Tor-Tor on today for the Batak people are no longer just assumed with the spirit world, but it became an art because the Tor-Tor into the culture of indigenous people in any activities of Batak.


Tor-tor know more..