Unyu-unyu, Some Kind Barn Hotel Hamster

Unyu-unyu, Some Kind Barn Hotel Hamster:
Make your hamster fans must see this unique hotel. Pretty much, anyway. Presence in Nantes, western France.

There was an inn called La Villa Hamster. The hotel is designed like a large hamster cage, complete with unique wheels that ordinary hamster cages.

Originator of the idea of ​​this hotel is at once an architect Yann Falquerho and Frederic Tabary. They want to create a place that is not only useful for the rest but exercise.

The hotel is really going to invite us to be like a hamster. While staying here, we will be given a hat hamster that can be used while staying there. The most typical of the hamster cage hamster wheel that is often used to run. Here, we can also run on the metal wheel like a hamster.

La Villa Hamster is not playing in the hamster in the world liven up the room. There is a place containing grain or rice here. There is also an iron bucket into drinking water sources. In addition, there are also steps that can be climbed up to the ceiling.

The bathroom was no less unique. Rather than provide a shower, the bathroom in this hotel even contains a large wooden barrel that can be used for bathing. Mattresses are removable according to the needs and desires.

Prices to stay overnight at the hotel was 99 euros, or for Rp 1,200,000. This hotel was opened from 2009 and still continues crowded visitors from home and abroad.

Currently, the originator of the idea and building designers are planning to increase the number of hotels in cities and other countries. When in Indonesia? Or anyone got any other ideas to make lodging but not a hamster cage, but the goat pen? he ... he ... he ...

Photo credit: sun-location.fr, stellasmagazine.com, salon.su, ming2emin.blogspot.com

Unyu-unyu, Some Kind Barn Hotel Hamster