What sophisticated car in 2020?

What sophisticated car in 2020?:
What kind of technology will be applied on the car 8 years? From page Matadornetwork.com collaboration with Intel, here it is the concept cars of the future are being developed by several leading manufacturers.
courtesy of GEElab

A. Wifi
Future cars will have WiFi in the car. Ford and Toyota are developing in this direction (Toyota in collaboration with Intel). Later, this system will connect us with home networks, and can transfer all information from the laptop or computer in your car.

2. Voice Recognition
courtesy of GEElab

Voice recognition or voice recognition system as Siri on the iPhone or Robin is being developed by Google for Android. With this technology it is at the wheel when we can not be bothered to call or send an sms, even do the activity on the internet. All can be done only with a simple voice commands.

3. Digital Dashboard
It seems that the Digital Dashboard is a tool that should be mandatory in future cars.

If now we still have to rush to use GPS devices to locate the address, or look for hotel location, the location of the nearest gas station, then the future can all be done by a digital dashboard.

This dashboard is like a giant iPad. Toyota calls HMI (Human-Machine Interface), their system is working in partnership with Intel and Microsoft.

4. Holographic displays
courtesy of GEElab

The system is being developed by GEElab (Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory), an institution that currently owns the project "Enjoyable Interactions in the Rear Seat." This system will appear as a hologram for the passengers sitting in the back seat.

5. Car-to-car communication
courtesy of Car2Car

With this system, each car will communicate as a warning to avoid accidents. Another function is to share data with other cars so that we can find an alternative route in order not to get stuck.

6. Car-to-X communication
One current research project is the PROTON-Plata (Telematics onboard programmable radio - radio telemetric program), developed by this DEUFRAKOProyek overcome the problems posed by a variety of digital and radio frequency standards that are used in digital broadcasting and mobile telecommunications.
The system includes a radio transponder that can tell the driver when there are people or other objects at a crossroads in order to avoid accidents that may occur.

7. Remote control
At the Busan International Motor Show in South Korea, Hyundai Motor introduced Bluelink, the control system that allows smartphone owners to find, open, and turn on their car from a distance. Even turning on the AC and received notification from the computer if there is damage to the car. In the future, this system will evolve even further.

8. Intuitive safety features
Right now some cars are equipped with sophisticated systems will crash if the declarant, but in many cases sound "beep" added the driver instead create panic.

Later, an emergency car can take control and guide to a safer place. For example, if the car detects a sudden we had a heart attack or loss of consciousness, then the system will trigger the automatic control sensor, video to monitor the surrounding traffic, lead us to safety, and emergency contact numbers (eg 911 or 112 in Indonesia) .

9. Invisible chauffeurs and copilots
courtesy of Car2Car

Technically, this co-pilot system already exists. Google is currently testing the "car without a driver" in California. In fact, General Motors claims it will have this system in 2018.

With this system, it can drive your own car, we are only using voice commands (voice recognition) to name the destination, find and park itself, as well as detecting the speed and the distance between cars.

10. Health monitor
Ford recently announced that they are developing a car seat with a sensor to monitor heart rate using electrical impulses.

"The position of the chair can be customized for all types of people. Can automatically measure heart rate, and control the driver's medical condition," said Kiyoshi Matsutani, Manager of Automotive Electronics Development Center at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show last year.


What sophisticated car in 2020?