Wow, this house 6 Location Weird

Wow, this house 6 Location Weird : Choosing the location of the house in a place that is still close to nature is good. But, "not gini-gini also, kaleee ..." See the following pictures. The site chosen to build these houses are very odd bin magic.

Matterhorn, Switzerland
Swiss Alpine Club building 'seclusion' is at an altitude of 4003 meters. Really on the edge of the snow. How to reach the site? Jad is still a question. Not to mention the threat of avalanches glacier. What nonsense.

Hermitage of San Colmbano in Leo Valley, Italy
One more house built right on the cliff wall. The difference, this one without snow. Its location at Passo Pian delle Fugazze, Italy. Uniquely, this house was already established in the year 1319!

ElliĆ°aey, Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland
The house is lived alone in a green plain, near the cliff which borders the sea. Its location in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Canada Saint Lawrence River
It was the houses on the edge of Ciliwung yet nothing compared to this house. Isolated with no neighbors, there is only water around. Reportedly, if the water is low, then the residents could issue a chair for sunbathing. But what if the rainy season arrives? Do not fear the threat of flooding, that?

The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece
For the monks did they need a quiet and peaceful getaway. As a result, he is the monastery complex in Greece that has existed since 1476. This place was built on the rock with a height of 400 meters.

Once the monks have to use ropes to climb to the monastery. Well, for you who love the sport of rock climbing can try testing the guts here.

Pillar Katskhi
Monastery complex in Greece has a rival. This one is the existence in Georgia, and Georgia's one of the monks who had lived for 20 years. It reportedly existed since the 7th century. Because the house was occupied by monks, women were barred from climbing up automatically.


Wow, this house 6 Location Weird