Friday, June 22, 2012

Wuih, being 6 feet even Ramaikan Follow Euro 2012

Wuih, being 6 feet even Ramaikan Follow Euro 2012:
Euro 2012 euphoria inspired a photographer, Andrey Pavlov, who plays the ball to capture the ants. Of course this is only the creation of Pavlov created a unique concept nan photo., Andrey Pavlov

Interestingly, Pavlov used the leaves as the foundation of a football field, and six-legged ant forces the ball so players who do not know the rules "hand".

Why Pavlov chose ants as a model picture? "I used to work in theater so easy to obtain the required properties - and I chose the ant as a symbol of my respect for their way of life.", Andrey Pavlov

Ant, according to Pavlov, the animals are very concerned with their children. Ants also have lived millions of years ago.

With a snap of this unique moment, Pavlov recalled often read stories to their children every night before bed.

"Over the last seven years I was always with my camera. Then when I have kids, I always read him bedtime stories. It was then that I realized there is something 'missing' when I was a kid. So now it's time I built a fairy tale for me own, "said Pavlov reported dailymail.

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