10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species

10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species: Earth still save a lot of mystery. There are many species of fauna and flora of the world's...

10 Findings Announced A New Unique Species:
Earth still save a lot of mystery. There are many species of fauna and flora of the world's only known of its existence. International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) on May 23 last announced the discovery of various new species. What are they?

A. Pug monkey

Snub-nosed monkey is an endangered species and there are only about 20,000 individuals in the whole world. As many as 4,000 of them dwell in the mountainous region of China.

To protect monkeys from the genus Rhinopithecus, the Chinese government established a National Nature Reserve Zhouzi. Latin name of this snub-nosed monkey Rhinopithecus roxellana is.

The origin of the Latin name of the monkey was inspired by a concubine in the Sultan's snub-nosed century - 15. These types of monkeys consuming a low protein moss and bark. To protect themselves from predators, the leopard, snub-nosed monkeys in the group gathered in the lot.

2. Jellyfish - Jellyfish are bound Bonaire

Jellyfish - Bonaire bound box jellyfish live in the Caribbean region. More precisely in the waters near the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean named.

Jellyfish - Jellyfish is a species of beautiful but deadly. This animal has poison in its tail is long and colorful - colorful. Shaped like a box kite - kite.

After compared with jellyfish - jellyfish in others, the Coalition of the Public Understanding of Science menyatakana that jellyfish - jellyfish is a new species. Therefore, a marine biology teacher named Lisa Peck to name the new species Tamoya ohboya.

3. Sausage-legged rover

New species in the family is still a thousand feet. But the difference, a thousand feet above the largest millipedes in the world that shaped like a sausage. This millipede has a length of about 16 cm with a diameter of 1.5 cm and has 56 rings of the body segments. Each body segment has two pairs of legs. The new species is named Crurifarcimen vagans and is found in the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania.

4. Tarantula Sazima

Sazima tarantula tarantula is a rare blue color. Tarantulas are from Brazil. Brazil itself is one of the regions in the world who have biodiversity and a major source of discovery of new species. Because in Brazil alone there are mountains of the Andes and the Amazon jungle.

However, this tarantula is almost extinct and threatened his life for the multitude of illegal trade in animals for the pet. Latin name of this species is Pterinopelma sazimai.

5. Orchid Night of Radiance

An orchid that lights up at night, a new species of this type is the first of its kind. This orchid is found only be lit at night. According to the botanist, the reason why orchids can be lit in the evening still needs to be further investigated. This plant was discovered by a Dutch researcher in the expedition to Britain, an island near Papua New Guinea.

6. Cactus runs

Above species of cactus called the walk. This organism is a group that has a body lopodians plated steel and shaped like a worm. This organism also has spiked and jointed legs, which is an arthropod animals.

This cactus is running bergenus Diania. But unfortunately, this organism was already extinct. Evidence of the existence of this species was found in pieces the rocks of China.

7. Hornet Bomb - Divers

Parasitic wasps are found in the region over Madrid, Spain and beyond. This species has a unique way when laying their eggs. First - first, they hunt for ants that are their prey. They will fly about 1 cm above the ground to attack the ants. When the unsuspecting ant, wasp will lay its eggs in the back in less than 1/20 per second. The wasp will then wrap the body of the ants and their eggs are put. Ants that are intended to be wrapped in food for the larvae out of the egg.

8. Poppy flowers Autumn Nepal

Poppies is widely available in Nepal. Poppies in the picture above has a beautiful color and glow.

Poppies are living in extreme environments, ie at an altitude of about 3352 meters to 4200 meters in central Nepal. This species is not actually a new species merupaka.

In 1962, a botanist Adam Stainton has been found in the Himalayas. And in 1994, a staff of Tokyo Department of Plant Resources have also been found.

9. Satan worms

Satan worm is named after Faust Mephistopheles, is a type of nematode that can live in extreme environments in the worst condition. Species of this type of Mephisto Halicephalobus can live in environments that have large atmospheric pressure with temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius. The scientists found the animal after digging as far as 3.5 km in South Africa.

10. Spongebob Squarepants mushrooms

His name is similar to the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants. Species over a mushroom-shaped foam sponge. This fungus can be squeezed his body and returned to the original like a foam sponge. These fungi belong to the genus Spongiforma and has a unique shape. Reportedly, the aroma of these mushrooms like fruit - fruit.

IISE scientists are working closely with the Arizona State University and a committee of taxonomists from around the world to classify the species discovery - new species.

photos: junglemagazine.com



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